Thursday, January 30, 2014

"Two cookies are never enough, we should always need 3"
~Jersi (january 2014)

Jersi just sat on my lap, held my hand, and said :"Mom are you gonna blow a gasket?" When I said told her no, I wasn't going to, she said, "okay then can we share one of your cookies?" (january 2014)

The other night I was getting fed up with 3 year old Jersi refusing to go to bed. She just kept coming to my room no matter how many times I sent her back to bed. In the end I finally said "Jerz, if you don't go to bed you won't be able to play my Kindle tomorrow" this was responded to with and exasperated, "ugh! Fine you bossy-pants!" and she stormed off to her room.
I swear this girl thinks she is Queen of Everything!! (January 2014)

Jersi just said "mom do you know how much Morrissa loves her self? A lot. Isn't that so great?" (December 2013)

It's 2:55 AM, Jersi just came in my room and the following conversation happened:
Jersi: mom my nose hurts, do we have any nose medicine?
Me: I don't think so, want me to check?
Jersi: well I'm watching Wreck It Ralph to bed. So Goodnight! (December 2013)

"Mom! Someone on yours TV knows my name! That football guy just said my name!"
~Jersi (December 2013)

Earlier today:
Jersi: "Mommy I know where you're from!"
Me: where?
Jersi: Um... You're from New mommy cuz I'm from New Jersi" (dec)
(December 2013)

"Mom, my nose is snuffy"
~Dayton (December 2013)

"Mom, do know how much I love you? A million."
~Jersi (December 2013)

Jersi just told me: "Mom, I'm beautiful in real life, but if this was fake life I wouldn't be this beautiful anymore" (December 2013)

Two quotes from Jersi. ..
"ugh, mom! Why did you get us in traffic? !"
And (leaving the ice cream shop) "they sure do have spoons there" (october 2013)

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